The Voyager Wallet



This bad boy will hold your passport and other essentials. Durable and cool as hell.

The Voyager wallet is just what it sounds like. This large bifold wallet can hold anything you need to travel the globe looking for adventure. The leather is beautiful and durable, and will take good care of your money no matter where you go. It has three compartments that can hold anything from a notebook to a passport, as well as a divided compartment that can hold your money and cards with ease. It's head and shoulders above other wallets, but will fit in any normal size back pocket. We offer two different colors, both with charm built right in.

Made by hand in Salt Lake City, UT by Winding Wheel Supply Co with USA cowhide, sewn with a military grade polyester thread, beveled and burnished edges, and branded with the BC Supply mark.

-The Leather-
4-5 oz
Tanned in the USA using USA cowhide

Open: 8.75" W x 6.25" H
Closed: 4.25" W x 6.25" H

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